Account Permissions

There are different levels of permissions for consumer accounts and business accounts. Consumer accounts include the Financially Responsible Person (FRP), Authorized Per Contract (APC) and MIO (My Information Only). Business accounts are based on levels as authorized Level 1, 2 and 3.

Permission FRP APC MIO Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Account Balance X X X X X X
View Bill X X X X X
Make On-time Payment X X X X X X
Paperless Billing X X
Autopay/Recurring Payment X X X X
View Usage X X X X X X
Address Change X X
Permission FRP APC MIO Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Add/Remove Authorized Users X X
Place Online Orders X X X X
Details (call/text/data) X X X
Increase Data X X X X
Watch Activations X X X X
Deactivate Lines X X
Making Porting Requests X X

Financially Responsible Person (FRP):

This person is financially responsible for the account and has full account permissions. The FRP can make a change to the account at any time and is the only person that can authorize other users on the account.

Authorized Per Contract (APC):

The APC must be at least 18 years old. Permissions for an APC are similar to the FRP but is limited to full account details. The APC cannot make address changes, add authorized users or setup paperless billing on the account.

My Information Only (MIO):

A MIO must be 13 years old and is limited to information pertinent to only that line of service. Access to sensitive billing information or account details is not available to this user type.

Business Accounts:

Permissions for Business accounts are based on levels. The Level 1 on the account provides access to all other users on the account.

Level 1:

This user is similar to the FRP and has access to all account details, including authorizing additional users and making changes that would have a financial impact.

Level 2:

This permission level cannot add other users, sign up for paperless billing, or make porting requests on the account.

Level 3:

The level 3 has access to many account details but cannot add authorized users, make porting requests, or make eCommerce order on