myCellcom Terms and Conditions

Customer Agreement

Your use of myCellcom and any myCellcom services is subject to the terms and conditions of your customer agreement.

Password/Personal Identification Number (PIN)

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and/or PIN code. If your password or PIN code is lost, stolen or used without your permission, call us immediately at 1-800-236-0055.


Cellcom uses cookies when you log in to myCellcom to keep track of your session. The cookie does not contain any customer information, it is a point of reference to randomly generate a session ID number.


Cellcom retrieves information from our database to show you usage, billing, etc information when you log in. That information is stored in the browser’s memory and goes away when you logout or close the browser. Nothing is collected from you for these purposes.

Paperless Billing

You may enroll in paperless billing through myCellcom, which means you will no longer receive a paper bill and you accept the presentation of your bill online through myCellcom or by email. Cellcom will collect an email address when you set up or change your paperless billing email address. This is stored and only used to contact you regarding billing and payments for paperless billing.

Payment Information

Credit card information is collected via Shift-4/i4Go and returned to Cellcom in a “tokenized” form for bill payments and recurring payments. Cellcom never sees any credit card information. Cellcom also may collect ACH information for customers who choose to pay by that method.


You may not use any Cellcom trademarks or service marks without Cellcom’s prior written permission. For information about usage or licensing, see our Website Use Terms and Conditions.


For information on privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

Website Use Terms and Conditions

Your use of myCellcom is subject to our Website Terms of Use.